Outdoor Adventures

Originating when the Dakota’s were an uncharted wilderness, through the twentieth century and into the present, the land that is now the city of Canton has called to those that embody the pioneering spirit. Their sense of adventure and willingness to embrace progress that accompanies these pioneering people has resulted in a “can-do” attitude that has propelled Canton from a single homestead to a thriving community.

That can-do attitude shines through in Canton’s first-class schools, progressive civic organizations, award-winning healthcare facilities, growing business community, and on the faces of the people who call Canton home. Set in one of the region’s most scenic landscapes, residents and visitors can enjoy its beauty and out recreational opportunities close to .

While Canton holds onto the traditional values that helped it become the community it is today, the entrepreneurial spirit of Canton continues to move the city forward, building on a proud past into a future where if you can dream it, you can do it.

Welcome to Canton !