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27 May 2014
TREE TRIMMING NOTICE: The City kindly asks that any and all trees, shrubs and bushes overhanging streets, alleys and sidewalks, be trimmed as soon as possible.
WHY? Tree limbs that overhang on the sidewalks interfere with pedestrian traffic, and limbs overhanging streets and alleys interfere with and create difficulties for City personnel when street sweeping, removing and blading snow. Overhanging limbs also interfere with garbage collection.tree

City property owners are required by City Ordinance #12.24 to maintain and trim trees, shrubs and bushes upon said real property. The City requires trees to be trimmed eight feet (8’) above the surface of any sidewalk and thirteen feet (13’) above all streets and alleys except in the following areas where the minimum height is fifteen feet (15’):

  • 5th Street
  • Dakota St. from the South edge of 7th Street North to City limits
  • Cedar Street from the North edge of 5th Street South to City limits
  • 7th Street from the West edge of Cedar Street East to the East edge of Dakota Street

There is no charge for city residents to deposit tree branches at the rubble site. The rubble site summer hours are 8am to 5pm on Thursdays and Fridays; and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

 Consumer Confidence Report

The City of Canton’s 2014 Consumer Confidence Report can be found here.


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