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27 May 2014

Canton Bike Rodeo will be held on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, at 10am at the Lawrence Elementary Playground.  Kids, bring your bikes & test your abilities on some skills courses!  The City will be offering free licenses for all unregistered bikes brought to this event.  Bike registration helps us locate the owner in case of loss or theft.  Free helmets will be given to kids who need one.  We will also be giving away bikes & other prizes as well as free pizza & drinks!  Join the Canton Police Department for the 2016 Bike Rodeo!

The City of Canton, in conjunction with Companion Animal Clinic, is sponsoring a vaccination clinic for dogs & cats on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, from 5-8pm at City Hall.  Companion Animal Clinic will be offering discounted vaccinations, including:  rabies ($8), canine distemper ($15), feline distemper ($9), feline leukemia ($13), & kennel cough ($7) for your pets.  The City will be offering free licenses to all unregistered pets brought to the clinic.  For further information, contact Companion Animal Clinic (764-5474) or City Hall (987-2881).  The City encourages participation in the clinic & vaccination program as it aids in the prevention of animal related diseases detrimental to human contact & expedites the return of stray animals recovered by local authorities.  Bring in your loved pets for vaccinations & registration.

The City of Canton cleans the sewer mains – also known as “jetting”.
Beginning after Memorial Day & continuing throughout the summer up to Labor Day, the City of Canton will be jetting the sewer mains.
If you notice a strong smell in your house after city sewer mains have been cleaned, please run water in ALL drains.

The City of Canton’s 2015 Consumer Confidence Report can be found here.

Please note that sump pumps should not be discharged into the Sanitary Sewer (through the floor, laundry, or toilet drains).  It should be pumped to the curb or out to the yard.  This must be done to prevent overtaxing the sanitary sewer system & incurring additional costs.  If discharge to the curb or the yard is not done, house-to-house inspections may be necessary & fines may be assessed.  Please call City Hall at 987-2881 with any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation.
The City will be monitoring the number of mosquitoes & begin spraying as necessary to help keep them at a minimum.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Hall.

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