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Economic Development – Why Canton?

10 January 2014

Canton, South Dakota is business-friendly. The area offers a highly educated and skilled work force, strong infrastructure and transportation system and other systems that support new investments and technological growth. The City of Canton in partnership with the Canton Economic Development Corporation promotes trade, commerce, industry and economic growth in the Sioux Valley region. As…

Canton Industrial Park

12 January 2014

Canton Industrial Park (Park Brochure ) Certified Ready Site The South Dakota Certified Ready Sites Program is an economic development tool available to all cities and counties in South Dakota for the purpose of promoting development-ready commercial and industrial sites. Located on the west side of Canton along US highway 18, the Canton Industrial Park…


12 January 2014

Building Building Permit Excavation and Grading Permit Sidewalk and Driveway Permit Construction Permit Public Works Private Utility Permit Application Sewer and Water Permit Utility Contractor Digging Permit Miscellaneous Raffle and Lottery Notification Form Permit City of Canton 2014 Fireworks Permit

Planning and Zoning

12 January 2014

Lincoln County Zoning Map Comprehensive Plan 2007-2027 Engineering Design Standards Engineering Design Standards 12-2014 Canton Design Specifications for Sanitary Sewer Construction Standard Plates